Hey girl….I’ve recently discovered my husband likes ass play…it gets me hot as hell too, but all we have is one largish vibe…which I feel I don’t have much control of….rec’s? Should we just get a catalogue and go nuts?

EEEEEEEEE! I’m so excited for you!

First, let me direct you to Lube 101 because above all else, ass play requires good lube.

Since you say you just started, I’m going to try to compile a quick list of toy essentials that are perennially fun, but will also help you and your husband figure out just what kind of anal stimulation he likes. From there, you can move on to a few high-quality toys that suit his ass best (I’ve also included recommendations for these.)

Dildos: The most basic of all sex toys! Where to start? I recommend picking from Pipedream’s Rubber Works Basix line to start off. These are cheap and come in a million styles, and many are strap-on compatible. Please, please, please cover these with condoms and store them in a bag away from sex toys that go in other holes- they’re made of a porous material that cannot be sterilized! If you decide that you want to drop a little more cash on a dildo, move on to Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Elite Silicone line. Most of these are strap-on compatible as well, and are made of pure silicone, which means you can sterilize these. I also have a raging clit boner for the Njoy Fun Wand. It’s stainless steel and features three anal beads on one end and a big spherical tip on the other. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful and sterilizable and silky smooth with a satisfying weight to it.

Vibrators: For maximum control, get yourself a g-spot wand with either a hoof or egg shaped tip. G-spot and prostate massagers are essentially identical, but there are waaaay more g-spot vibes out there. The California Exotic Novelties Mini Doppler Vibe is my pick for a g-spot wand- it’s a little short, but it’s under $25 and delivers quite a bang for the buck. There are a billion other g-spot wands to choose from if you think that one looks too short. If you find that this type of vibe is what you want, Lelo makes two vibrators that are peeeeeeerfect for prostate stimulation. All Lelo vibes are high quality, six-function (all functions of adjustable intensity, so you can think of them as having an infinite number of functions, really), silicone coated, splash-proof, wall-rechargeable Swedish wonders. The first is their dead serious masculine-as-all-get-out Billy Vibe. It is designed for prostate stimulation and has a ridge at its base for safety. The other is Gigi, a hoof shaped g-spot wand. Both are excellent choices- it comes down to which shape you like better.

Plugs: The humble butt plug. Pop it in and forget about it until you have an explosive, knee-buckling, toe-curling orgasm. Thanks, butt plug! Any butt plug works, but an angled plug (like the Man Bound Mini Horn) or Aneros-style probe is ideal. Doc Johnson’s Classics line makes a series of butt plugs in graduated sizes and varied shapes, and for whatever reason, Doc Johnson blows other toy companies away in the basic butt plugs category. That said, if you want an angled plug that’s a little more serious, Pipedream’s Icicles #14 or Njoy’s Pure Plugs are where its at.

Vibrating Plugs: Oh yes. These. These awesome things. The perfect vibrating prostate plug is tough to come by, but the Blush Novelties Prostimulator is pretty good. It’s silicone, which is always a plus, and comes with a seven function bullet. You should be prepared, however, for this bullet to die. You can get most standard bullets to fit in the Prostimulator’s cavity, so just pick a bullet you like and use that once the original bullet dies. Or, skip the Prostimulator and get the Picobong Tano Plug. Twelve functions, all of adjustable intensity. Dude… Tano is by far my favorite vibrating butt plug!

Hope this helps! Happy assfucking!

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