I want to buy a new toy! Something with gspot and clit stimulation that packs a pretty good punch without having to be plugged into the wall. Ideally under $100, but if you have a super great recommendation that is a little more than that, I’m all ears.

I take it you are looking for a rabbit! I’m also going to address “clamp” vibes because they have a similar function, but rabbits first. I picked three rabbits that I dig for various reasons; they are all different sizes and price ranges, as well. They have in common that they do most of the standard jack rabbit stuff- clit bullet, rotating shaft, beads, bumps, bells, whistles, etc. This is generally what people expect of rabbits, and despite not being the prettiest toys out there, people absolutely love them. As always, if you live in the region, pay me a visit for a (fully clothed) test drive and a shopping trip. When purchasing a rabbit, be aware that even the best bunny money can buy can fall flat if your anatomy just doesn’t line up with the relevant buzzy bits on the toy (don’t you wish there was a standard way of measuring the distance between your clit and g-spot, and that toys advertised their “range” in that measurement? A girl can dream) and that’s part of the reason I picked three different sized rabbits- hopefully one will be the right size for someone reading this.

Three rabbits I dig:
The Blush Novelties Sexy Things Tulip- Cute, petite, simple, under $50. No vibration patterns, just speeds, but VERY fast rotation and a nice bulbous tip.The bullet is smaller than a standard bullet but not particularly “buzzy” as often happens with the little guys. This also looks nothing like a frankendick, which, if you really dislike penises, might be relevant. My only reservation about this vibe is that Blush is a relatively new company and it shows in their quality control. I’ve never had a large Blush toy die on the counter, but their bullets…well. That is another story. The noise level also might be a problem- it is pretty gnarly on that front. Unfortunately, this is a common problem with rabbits because of all those moving parts.

The Marc Dorcel Orgasmic Rabbit- A much more traditional looking rabbit with a big fat pink shaft, penis-like head, gigantic bunny bullet at the base, bumps on the underside of the shaft, formidable beads, and all that for under $75 (at my store anyway). Fairly short and squat. Seven functions of vibration, six rotation speeds. This bullet really shines! It has a nice deep throb perfectly enhanced by the rubber coating, and the shape of the bunny head looks pretty effective at cradling a clit. If you need power and variety in vibration, this is your toy. Not the fastest rotation, very light and precise, and not the biggest, most bulbous head either. Like the Blush Tulip, this sucker is loud. But I bet the beads on that thick shaft are awesome right at the vaginal opening. This thing is as classy as a traditional rabbit can get.

The Pipedream WOW! Vibe- Okay, I don’t have one of these at the store for reference, but when we did have one…well, the name actually does speak for itself. This is the one we had at the store. It was a very elegant, opaque, pure silicone rabbit (!!!!!) for under $100 (either that Amazon link is a steal, or the price has dropped and I have this terrible sinking feeling that they have stopped making this one…). The awesome thing about this vibe was that you could bend the shaft to vary the range of rotation. There are no beads on this vibe, a little bit of texture to the shaft, and a great bullet stimulator. I am recommending this one from memory, so I don’t have as much detailed info, but the bendable shaft and silicone skin are awesome features. Did I mention this is a pretty big rabbit? It is big. It is a big, classy, customizable vibe.

On the subject of non-rabbit dual-action vibrators, I don’t have to tell anyone about the WeVibe. It is powerful and flexible and thin enough to use while also stuffing your holes with other things, and that is great fun. You can currently get WeVibe 2 for under or just about $100. However, it might be tough to find these in stores in the near future, because WeVibe’s distribution model is…well, it isn’t working well for a lot of us. This is a gripe for another day but if you want the flexibility to wear this while being penetrated by other things, and you also demand power on your g-spot while doing that, go ahead and get one.

I have also said a lot about the Lelo Tiani but because it only has one motor, I won’t repeat that here.

But you know what dual-action vibrator beats the hell out of the WeVibe for solo play? And has two motors, a silicone coating, and TWELVE vibration functions?

The PicoBong Mahana. Before I proceed, I need to clarify that you do not want to use this with a dick or dildo in your vagina. It’s not gonna fly. One of those in your ass paired with the Mahana? Go nuts, I bet it will be awesome. The first generation of PicoBong toys are basically big fat motors encased in eggy-shaped silicone, and they are faaaaaaaantastic (other than their control interface, which is elegant but impractical). My wonderful boss gave me their prostate plug vibe and Mister Third Wave loves that little thing so much. If you get a Mahana, you can just clamp it on and lay back. Hands free fun! I have never done a side by side comparison, but it probably matches or exceeds the WeVibe (all of them!) for power and depth of vibration. Mahana is really a fantastic substitute for a rabbit, and it is well under $100.

Hope this was of some use to you! Until next time, may your vice be nice.

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